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How to Solve "Free Will" Puzzles and Overcome Limitations of Platonic Science

Images used in new constructions in the "free-will puzzles essay" are reduced about 1/3. Full-size images posted here are sometimes more precise in math-like representations. Images are in the .gif format except for the final image (balancing forms), which is in the .jpg format.

(...)  the beat, a stream of pulses;

(...)  timing devices activate timing devices and muscle-like force devices

(...)  pulse bundles drive repetitive twitches

(...)  activation of a force fiber device

(...)  jaws for cracking nuts

(...)  A Dogtail for Wagging — muscle module

(...)  A Dogtail for Wagging — whole design

(...)  A Dogtail for Wagging — extreme position and proportions

(...)  motor signals to caudal muscle modules for Dogtail wagging movements

(...)  levels of activation are organized by means of the QN VES(t) functional

(...)  passage of a magnet through the critical point

(...)  QN, an activated material

(...)  repertoire of phases in primal Quad Net

(...)  Flat Quad Net (FQN)

(...)  FQN shaped into various forms

(...)  a Toroidal Quad Net (TQN) passes through a critical moment

(...)  varieties of balancing forms


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